Spartan Blasting Media™

Spartan safety lohp

Best in Class Performance

Spartan Blasting Media™ is a stronger, more angular blasting media engineered to provide increased productivity and reduced consumption compared to other leading blasting media. Field testing using Spartan Blasting Media shows 3-5x less breakdown loss than Garnet blasting media.

Additionally, Spartan Blasting Media's uniform particle size improves production rates with more consistent coverage and extremely clean surface finishing.

Spartan Blasting Media is Made in the USA, ensuring a long term, domestic supply for our customers.

spartan lowdusting costsavings betterperf
spartan surface finishing

Increased Recyclability

Recycling of blasting media allows for increased cost saving and considerable reduction in waste. Spartan Blasting Media has 3-5x the recyclability of other leading blasting media which significantly reduces overall cost and increases productivity.

Minimal Health and Safety Risks

Spartan Blasting Media is low dusting and contains 0% crystalline silica. This ensures safer work conditions, improved operator visibility, reduced cleanup costs and minimal environmental risks.

Saint-Gobain understands that operator safety is the highest priority. With Spartan Blasting Media, operators can be assured that they are using a product that is safe for all blasting applications.

Spartan grains - round

Available Sizes

Spartan Blasting Media comes in a variety of shapes and grit sizes to serve any industrial application with a wide range of surface finishes.

Available Angular Grit Sizes
16 Grit 54 Grit
20 Grit 60 Grit
24 Grit 70 Grit
30 Grit 80 Grit
36 Grit 46 Grit


Available Spherical Sizes


Aluminum Fiberglass Surfaces Industrial Painting Vapor Abrasive Blasting
Petrochemicals Applications Powder Coating Heavy Equipment Repair
Blast Rooms Industrial Tanks Ship Building / Repair
Hanger Decks    


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