Industrial Blast Finishing Grains

Industrial Blast Finishing Grains

Utilizing high-pressure air to propel abrasive grains at a surface target, industrial blast finishing ranges from precision preparation of turbine blades and orthopedic implants to blast cleaning of bridges or ship hulls. Whether blast cleaning corrosion for subsequent coatings or blast finishing for specific surface profiles, the real results are measured in how efficiently and cost effectively manufacturers manage their blast finishing operations.

Surpass Operational Objectives

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' abrasive grains for blast finishing consistently demonstrate industry-leading performance in terms of productivity and life, reduced dust, more reliable and repeatable finishes, purity for cleaner surfaces, and higher density for greater impact. Our MCA 1360® utilizes a unique process, which involves the fusion of zircon sand and alumina at temperatures greater than 1950° C, creates abrasive particles with high hardness and extreme toughness.

Set a New Performance Standard

Saint-Gobain's best-in-class MCA 1360® is a hard, extremely tough grain that lasts much longer than traditional abrasives. In fact, it is the best-performing alumina zirconia blasting media used in blast finishing today. Due to its high intrinsic grain strength, MCA 1360 particles break down much more slowly than conventional abrasives.