Cerpass Micro MGE Abrasive Grain

Cerpass MGE

The Most Durable Micro Abrasive

The original seeded gel product, Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' Cerpass Micro MGE® is the most durable ceramic micro abrasive grain available. The unique nano-structure of the grains – composed of extremely uniform, sub-micro crystals – enables them to continually expose new cutting edges via microfracture when stressed. The combination of the grain shape and microstructure creates an aggressive cutting but long-lasting ceramic grain.

The Cerpass Micro MGE seeded gel abrasives feature a unique, market-leading sharpness and microstructure, which allows for an especially aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain.

Available in micron sizing, Cerpass Micro MGE abrasive grains are ideally suited for coated abrasives and bonded abrasive applications.

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Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass MGE Microgrits for Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet.pdf
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Cerpass MGE Microgrits for Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet