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Cerpass Versa
Cerpass VERSA - the most versatile

Ceramic Abrasive Grains

A versatile new seeded gel abrasive from Saint-Gobain, the Cerpass VERSA™ line of ceramic grains sets a new performance standard for multipurpose abrasives. Built on the innovative foundations of our nanostructured seeded gel alumina particles with more adaptable physical properties, Cerpass VERSA™ ceramic abrasives were designed with maximum manufacturing flexibility in mind.

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains excels in particle engineering for optimised abrasive processes. Our Cerpass line pioneered a ground breaking seeded gel technology where high cut rate aluminium oxide (Al2O3) particles were generated via a novel sintering process. The result: High-performance sub-micron ceramic grains prone to microfracturing, which continually exposed new cutting edges for maximum fidelity abrasive action.

Our new Cerpass VERSA™ ceramic grain benefits from the same specifically engineered friability and intrinsically high cut rate, but with additional consideration for performance in different environments. Cerpass VERSA abrasive grains guarantee long-lasting cut rates in a choice of cutting and grinding systems, including low and high-temperature vitrified bonds.

Ceramic Abrasive Grains from Saint-Gobain

Cerpass VERSA™ was named for its exceptional versatility. With enhanced grain productivity irrespective of its working environment or bond system, our novel ceramic abrasive grains are suitable for cutting and grinding tools across the entire spectrum of finishing applications. Want to learn more? Contact a member of the Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains team for specifications or RFQs. Additionally, refer to our Cerpass Ceramic Grains range for details on alternative solutions.

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Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass VERSA for Bonded Abrasives - Technical Datasheet.pdf
PDF | 1.24 MB
Cerpass VERSA for Bonded Abrasives - Technical Datasheet_0
Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass VERSA for Coated Abrasives - Technical Datasheet.pdf
PDF | 1.25 MB
Cerpass VERSA for Coated Abrasives - Technical Datasheet