Precision & Vitrified Grains for Bonded Abrasives

Precision & Vitrified Grains for Bonded Abrasives

The best-performing bonded abrasives feature the ability to microfracture so that fresh cutting edges are continually renewed at a controlled rate. The sharp cutting edges of these grains are able to produce rapid stock removal and high physical tolerances, even on difficult materials. This, in turn, increases product versatility and improves operational productivity in precision grinding applications.

Engineered for Precision Requirements

These unique capabilities enable Saint-Gobain’s bonded abrasive grains for grinding wheels to increase material removal rates and extend wheel life without sacrificing surface finish. The bonded abrasives deliver a cool cut, precise profile, and high speed, which allow a cooler cutting to significantly improve part quality and integrity, improve profile holding to significantly reduce dressing time and wear, and work at a higher speed to significantly improve process times and throughput rates.

Boosting Grain Efficiency and Productivity

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' engineered bonded abrasives are hard, extremely tough, and last much longer than traditional abrasives. By continuously investing in R&D and closely collaborating with its customers, the company consistently delivers performance-optimized solutions.

Monocrystalline Alumina

Manufactured at Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' China production facility, monocrystalline alumina (MA88®) is an electrofused abrasive produced by fusing high quality alumina. Each particle is a single crystal, giving many sharp, strong edges that contribute to better bonding and sharper cutting action when molded into a bonded abrasive. Seeded Gel Cerpass XTL®, Cerpass DGE® and Cerpass TGE® seeded gel products are abrasive grains that feature a unique nano-structure. The combination of the grains’ sharpness and microstructure allows for an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain ideal for use in organic and vitrified bond-systems, tough-to-grind applications, and even low-force applications.

Recommended Premium Grains

Application Good Better Best
OD / Cylindrical Grinding MA88 VERSA HTB
ID Grinding MA88  VERSA  DGE
Mounted Wheels MA88 VERSA  DGE
Surface Grinding MA88 XLT Blocky HTB
Segments MA88 VERSA HTB
Double Disc MA88 VERSA HTB
Tool Grinding / Regrinding MA88 HTB TGE
Disc -  Spring Grinding  MA88 VERSA HTB
Bearing OD MA88 XTL Sharp HTB
Gear Grinding MA88 HTB TGE
Creep Feed MA88 HTB TGE