Cerpass TGE

Cerpass TGE
Cerpass TGE

Seeded Gel Abrasive Grains

Cerpass TGE® seeded gel abrasive grains are defined by a unique, market-leading sharpness and microstructure, which allows for an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain. Composed of extremely uniform, sub-micron crystals, this microstructure continually exposes new cutting edges via microfracture when stressed.

Cerpass TGE grains are next-generation seeded gel abrasives that offer the most extreme aspect ratio of any abrasive grain available. This is achieved by Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' globally patented grain extrusion technology.

The high aspect ratio of the macrostructure allows for an extremely aggressive cutting ceramic grain, ideal in high material removal-rate applications such as precision and vitrified bond systems designed for high depths of cut. Grinding wheels produced with Cerpass TGE can remove material more than 3 times faster than conventional fused grains. The low force cutting promotes enhanced tolerances and virtually eliminates work piece burn. Cerpass TGE’s highly aggressive shape facilitates very deep cuts per each grinding pass.

It can be seen from the graph on the left, that the the power draw from the Cerpass TGE remains low and stable across the life of the product, whereas WA begins to rapidly dull, thus causing a steep power increase to do the same work. This proves that Cerpass TGE can accomplish the same work with less power thus making it a more efficient grinding grain than WA.


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Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass TGE for Bonded Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet.pdf
PDF | 203.5 KB
Cerpass TGE for Bonded Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet
Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass TGE for Coated Abrasives - Technical Datasheet.pdf
PDF | 224.72 KB
Cerpass TGE for Coated Abrasives - Technical Datasheet