ZF/ZS Alundum

aluminum zirconia ZF

Abrasive Grains

ZF and ZS Alundums manufactured by Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains are extremely wear-resistant, anti-friable grains composed of fine primary corundum and an alumina-zirconia crystalline structure. Produced by fusing zircon sand and alumina at extremely high temperatures, their superior chemistry and microstructure produces one of the most durable materials in the abrasives industry, outperforming commodity abrasives like brown fused aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. They are used primarily in industrial bonded abrasive applications.

ZF 1525® is a dense, tough abrasive with a very fine crystal size. Crushed to produce a blocky shape with sharp edges, these grains are used in resin bonded, foundry-type grinding wheels as well as for track grinding and large diameter cut-off. ZF 1525 grains have demonstrated remarkable life and stock-removal properties.


ZS 1526® also is a dense, tough abrasive with very fine crystal sizes. Based on the original ZF Alundum®, this maximum impact-resistant abrasive has an ultra blocky shape with rounded, mulled edges that provides extreme durability. ZS 1526 is used primarily in the production of large, organic grinding wheels for the steel conditioning industry.
Aluminum Zirconia ZS

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Data Sheets (TDS)
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ZF-ZS Alundums - Technical Datasheet.pdf