Bonded Abrasives Track Grinding

On Track with Industry-Leading Performance

With a stable, secure supply generated by multiple manufacturing sites in the United States and China as well as distribution in Germany and Japan, Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' premium grains for bonded abrasives rail grinding feature industry-leading performance in terms of stock removal, wheel life, and grain quality. These contaminant-free coarse abrasive grains enable grinding media to remove stock as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Increased Stock Removal and Longer Wheel Life

Saint-Gobain's best-in-class, highly engineered abrasive materials are hard, extremely tough, and last much longer than traditional abrasives.

Grains for Bonded Abrasives Track Grinding | Saint-Gobain

  • Abrasive Materials ZF/ZS for Bonded Abrasives

ZF1525® Alundum is a dense and tough abrasive with a fine crystal size. Crushed to produce a blocky shape with sharp edges, these grains are used in resin-bonded heavy duty grinding wheels because of their long life and removal properties. ZS1526®Alundum also is a dense and tough abrasive with fine crystal size. A maximum impact-resistant abrasive, ZS1526® has an extra-blocky shape with a rounded, mulled edge and is used principally in resin-bonded and steel conditioning wheels.

  • Norzon NV

Norzon NV® consists of 40% alumina-zirconia grains that demonstrate spectacular cutting ability because of their inherent strength and high resistance to dulling. Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' unique manufacturing process creates particles with controlled fracture properties that allows for one of the most durable and productive materials in the abrasives industry, outperforming commodity abrasives like brown fused aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. Norzon NV is available with a bond-enhancing treatment.

  • AZ40 for Bonded Abrasives

AZ40 1564/1578 is a special alloy containing approximately 40Wt% zirconia produced by fusing zirconia and alumina in an electric furnace. This specific process develops a small crystal size and unique columnar microstructure. It is widely used for resin-bonded abrasives that require a long lifetime and material removal abilities. AZ40 1578 is treated with a special coating to improve bonding strength with resin.

Recommended Premium Grains

Applications Good Better Best
Track Grinding ZF AZ40 NV Blocky