Fused Ceramic Grains for Anti-Wear Casting

Crushing and processing of materials in the mining, cement, and aggregate industries require equipment solutions that must endure a highly abusive environment. Wear parts are a very large expense for operators of such crushing and processing equipment, in terms of both parts cost as well as downtime. Performance and life of the cast wear parts are critical to the efficiency of processes for these industries.

Engineered to Increase Operational Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' fused ceramic grains for anti-wear Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) castings offer two main benefits:

  • Greatly enhance the service life of the cast wear parts
  • Provide thermal compatibility and stability in the casting process

We offer a choice of two Alumina Zirconia types of grains:

  • Our latest generation Norzon NV® produced in the USA
  • Our traditional AZ40 produced in China

Furthermore, our extensive R&D resources have developed a new grain that shows promise for even higher performance in application and further enhancement of stability during the casting process.

Work with the Leading Global Producer of Anti-Wear Grains for Metal Matrix Composites

Saint-Gobain cultivates strong, long-lasting relationships with its customers through close collaboration, working side-by-side to develop innovative solutions for their unique challenges, with local service in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia; and sales and technical support as well as efficient logistics to anywhere else. We welcome the opportunity to support our customers and prospects. 


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