Cerpass HTB

Cerpass HTB
HTB - the most productive

Seeded Gel Abrasive Grains

Unique, Market-leading Sharpness and Microstructure Cerpass HTB seeded gel abrasive grains manufactured by Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains features a unique, market-leading sharpness and microstructure that allows for an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain. Special chemistry enhances cutting across a wide range of applications and provides industry-leading performance.

The microstructure, which is composed of extremely uniform, sub-micron crystals, is designed to continually expose new cutting edges via microfracture when stressed.

These characteristics produce an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain ideal for precision and vitrified bond systems, heavy-duty coated abrasive grain utilization and low-pressure, tough-to-grind applications such as fine finishing.

Now available for specified markets, Cerpass HTB ceramic grain features the ultimate combination of performance and versatility. Its ultra-fine microstructure and modified chemistry result in the highest removal rates and G-ratios, across a wide range of applications.

As seen on the graph to the left, when operated via the same parameters as a competitive ceramic grain, it will achieve its performance at a lower force, promoting less heat and tighter tolerances. Cerpass HTB is also optimized to be compatible with vitrified bonds operating at higher temperatures.


HTB Normal Force
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Data Sheets (TDS)
Cerpass HTB for Bonded Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet.pdf
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Cerpass HTB for Bonded Abrasive Tools - Technical Datasheet