Calcined Alumina Oxide Materials

calcined alumina

High Purity Abrasive Grains

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' calcined aluminas are more pure than fused aluminum oxide products with the exception of fused white aluminum oxide. When milled, however, calcined aluminas retain the chemistry of the unmilled crude more closely than fused aluminum oxide. Precision-grade calcined alumina can be used in glass and metal lapping and polishing as well as on coated abrasive tapes.

The two characteristics of calcined alumina that distinguish it from fused aluminum oxide grains are shape and purity. Calcined alumina grains are normally composed of single platey crystals, whereas fused aluminum oxide grains tend to be fractions of large crystals and blocky in shape.

A calcined crystal is theoretically a six-sided disk with a thickness of about one-fifth of its diameter. Customized sizes, vehicles, and compounds are readily available.

Now you can transform your grinding, blasting, lapping, and polishing processes by utilizing higher performing abrasive grains from Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains. Expect excellence, accept no substitutes.

Related Applications

Lapping & Polishing Grains

Saint-Gobain offers brown fused, white fused and calcined alumina for performance-enhanced lapping and polishing applications.