Cerpass DGE

Cerpass DGE
DGE Sharpest Cut

Seeded Gel Abrasive Grains

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Grains' Cerpass DGE® family of products are seeded gel abrasive grains that feature unique, market-leading sharpness and microstructure. These characteristics produce an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain ideal for precision and vitrified bond systems, heavy-duty coated abrasive grain utilization and low-pressure, tough-to-grind applications such as fine finishing.

Offering extreme angularity through Saint-Gobain’s globally patented shaping technology, Cerpass DGE abrasive grains have the same unique nano-structure as Cerpass XTL grains.

The microstructure, which is composed of extremely uniform, sub-micron crystals, is designed to continually expose new cutting edges via microfracture when stressed. Cerpass DGE is the sharpest ceramic grain available.

As seen on the "Normal Force" graph below, when operated via the same parameters as Competitor C, Cerpass DGE will achieve better performance at a lower force, promoting less heat and tighter tolerances. Cerpass DGE is optimized to perform best in low force applications, and in applications that are sensative to chatter and/or burn.

Likewise, the power draw for Cerpass DGE on the "Power" graph remains low and stable across the life of the product, whereas Competitor C dulls more quickly, thus causing a greater power increase to do the same work. This proves that Cerpass DGE can accomplish the same work with less power thus making it a more efficient grinding grain than Competitor C.


DGE Normal Graph
DGE Power Graph

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Safety Datasheets (SDS)
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Cerpass DGE for Coated Abrasives - Technical Datasheet.pdf
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Cerpass DGE for Coated Abrasives - Technical  Datasheet