June 11, 2021

Engineered Abrasive Ceramics for Precision Finishing

Precision finishing operates on the same basic principles as heavy-duty abrasive grinding but the parameters defining success are extremely different. Industrial applications forefront cost-efficiency, thus key performance indicators for heavy duty abrasives focus on their aggressive material removal rates and relatively low cost. Maintaining a healthy bottom line remains crucial to those carrying out fine finishing processes, but rapid cutting actions are secondary to the quality of a surface finish.

Engineered Abrasive Ceramics: Sharp Cut, Fine Finish

In the mid-1980s, the Saint-Gobain Abrasive Materials team released a patented class of engineered abrasive ceramics designed as a precision alternative to commodity grains for customers requiring a more precise surface finish.

We pioneered seeded gel abrasives, featuring a proprietary nanostructure of uniform crystals with sub-microscale morphologies prone to minimal fracture under stress. The result was a novel class of abrasives capable of fast material removal rates without compromising the quality of the finish.


This goal has become more pivotal in the years since seeded gel engineered abrasive ceramics first entered the market. Now, there is an extremely broad range of applications requiring a level of topographical uniformity from their substrates that can only be provided by specialist engineered ceramics.

Precision finishing tools today are used for a host of complex grinding processes, including reaching close dimensional tolerance, imparting adherence to coatings, removing corrosion, enhancing wear resistance, altering the electrical conductivity, and more.

Cerpass Micro MGE®

Cerpass MGE® is the micron size version of the Cerpass XTL® original seeded gel abrasive, benefiting from the most durable engineered ceramic microstructure ever developed at that time.

The reason for this unmatched performance comes down to the tailored friability of the alpha aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3) particles composing the bulk of the abrasive. They gradually succumb to microfracturing which exposes new, extremely sharp cutting edges for long-lasting aggressive performance.

Cerpass MGE® engineered abrasive grains are best suited to orbital sanding disc applications but are usable as both bonded and coated abrasives.

Cerpass DGE®

Based on the same precision engineered microstructure as the Cerpass MGE®, Cerpass DGE® engineered ceramic grains are high performance cutting solutions comprising a uniquely sharp morphology. The extreme angularity of Cerpass DGE® abrasives means they yield better performance at much lower force, enabling users to finish surfaces to much tighter tolerances and with minimal heat generation. Cerpass DGE® products can likewise be used in bonded or coated formats.

Looking for Engineered Abrasive Ceramics?

If you need a fine finishing solution that promotes greater productivity and a tighter tolerance finishes, browse our Cerpass range of precision engineered abrasive grains for full technical specifications. Or if you have any questions about the applicability of either of these products in your workflow, simply contact a member of the Saint-Gobain team today.