June 11, 2021

Understanding Seeded Gel Micro Abrasive Technology

A seeded gel micro abrasive is a ceramic aluminum oxide which is manufactured by a sintering process. Each micro abrasive grit is made up of sub-micron particles which are separated from the grit under grinding force. This means that seeded gels are sharper than standard abrasives which can dull as flats are worn on the working areas.

By wearing small particles, wheel wear rates are reduced and the G ratio (metal removed volume/ wheel wear volume) is increased. As sub-micron particles wear away, seeded gels can hold form and finish better than traditional abrasives, particularly when there are higher metal removal forces and rates. Less dressing is necessary, wheel life is increased and productivity is enhanced as there are higher removal rates.

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Materials Pioneer Seeded Gel Technology

Saint-Gobain was at the forefront of the innovation of a unique technology used for unique seeded gel micro abrasives, with the dispersion of minute particles in a special gel, removal of water and subjection to high temperature sintering. This process formed a grain with a unique nano-structure, made up of unvarying sub-micron crystals which continuously microfracture and create new cutting edges when stressed.

Seeded Gel Micro Abrasive Solutions from Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Abrasive Materials can advise on the best-suited seeded gel micro abrasive for standard applications as well as working with customers to co-create new applications.

The Cerpass VERSA™ line of ceramic grains is a versatile micro abrasive which can be used in many different applications. It is based on the innovative foundations of nanostructured seeded gel alumina particles however it has increased flexibility of physical properties. 

The Cerpass VERSA® ceramic grain possessed the same precisely engineered friability and fundamentally high cut rate, but with further emphasis on performance in varying environments. These seeded gel abrasive grains ensure long-lasting cut rates in a wide variety of cutting and grinding systems, and in all bond systems from resinoid to both low and high-temperature vitrified bonds. The combination of grain shape and microstructure offer an aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain that is enhanced for organic and vitrified bond systems, heavy-duty coated abrasive grain utilization and low-pressure applications like fine finishing.

The Cerpass XTL® grain for seeded gel technology has the ability to remove material at a higher rate than conventional fused grains by as much as 3.5x. This change in grain type can increase productivity by increasing the material removal rate without additional capital investment.   Cerpass XTL grain features unsurpassed durability when compared to other ceramic grains.

In the Cerpass range, Saint-Gobain also offers TGE® seeded gel micro-abrasive which has superior sharpness and microstructure, meaning aggressive cutting and long-lasting ceramic grain is possible. These micro-abrasives offer the most extreme aspect ratio of any available abrasive grain, using Saint-Gobain Abrasive Material’s patented grain extrusion technology. These seeded gel micro-abrasives are well-suited to high-material removal-rate applications such as precision and vitrified bond systems which are required to reach high cut depths.

If you would like to find out more about the micro abrasive seeded gel solutions that we have at Saint-Gobain, contact us today.