May 03, 2023

Dengfeng, China: Our Plant's Sustainable Milestones in 2022

As businesses worldwide strive to adopt more sustainable practices, our Dengfeng plant in China is making an effort in this aspect. As part of our sustainability strategy, the plant has made significant progress in several areas in 2022. Let's take a closer look at some of the initiatives undertaken by the plant:

Giving the Impulse to Lower Our Environmental Footprint

Reduction of fossil energy
One of the plant's major accomplishments in 2022 has been the conversion of its diesel burner to an electric heating system powered by renewable energy, specifically wind. The utilization of electricity from 100% wind energy, along with improved energy efficiency, will lead to a reduction of our scope 1+2 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150 tons of CO2eq. per year. This initiative has also resulted in a decrease in fossil fuel consumption and provided employees with a better working environment. Additionally, the plant has replaced all diesel forklifts with electric forklifts, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Secondary Raw Materials usage
The plant has made significant progress in the usage of secondary raw materials for fusion. In 2022, the consumption of externally sourced recycled raw materials amounted to 2577 MT.

Air pollution
The plant has also built a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) denitration system, which not only reduces nitrogen oxide emissions but also lowers energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Energy efficiency

  • Compressed Air Valve of Dust Collector transformation project

Our compressed Air Valve of Dust Collector transformation project aims to achieve a monthly saving of 1.1Mm3 in compressed air and an annual power saving of 158 MWh.

  • Office building renovation

The office building has been renovated with SolarGard® window film to save nearly 50% of solar energy.  

Water saving project
The plant has initiated water-saving renovations for the staff dormitory, resulting in a reduction of daily water usage from 50 tons m3 to 30 tons m3. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Zhengzhou, along with other companies, has been recognized as a municipal and provincial water-saving enterprise in Zhengzhou city and Henan Province for meeting the required water-saving standards in 2021. This recognition was achieved through the implementation of various water-saving projects, including a rainwater harvesting system, on-site wastewater treatment for non-industrial water, and water consumption monitoring at our Dengfeng plant. Additionally, in 2019, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Zhengzhou was already acknowledged as one of the municipal water-saving enterprises in Dengfeng city.

Driving a Positive Workplace with Shared Values

Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to projects at the plant; it also extends to the engagement of our colleagues. We take pride in having a team of dedicated individuals who share our vision of creating a more sustainable future and actively lead local initiatives.


Raising awareness
The plant organizes a range of activities, such as monthly meetings, training sessions on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) awareness, and climate change awareness training. The plant also supports employees in transitioning to more sustainable transportation options by providing electric bicycles, thereby reducing their daily carbon footprint.
electric bicycles
Building communities
Sustainability Family Day
Sustainability Family Day
The plant has organized Sustainability Family Day where staff family members discover Saint-Gobain’s culture. Kids are encouraged to discuss environmental issues and come up with ideas about what they can do to protect the environment. Various activities such as cleaning up garbage on the mountain and planting trees were organized to engage employees to reduce their environmental impact.

Our Dengfeng plant has been working diligently to improve its sustainability practices. Through its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and foster a positive workplace culture with shared values, the plant hopes to inspire others to make similar strides towards sustainability.  The plant firmly believes that small steps can make a significant difference in protecting the environment. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our sustainable initiatives!