August 04, 2023

Dengfeng plant receives Ecovadis Silver Medal Award for its Corporate Social Responsibility performance

Our Dengfeng plant has been recognized with the Silver Medal Award from Ecovadis for its performance in Corporate social Responsibility, marking a significant milestone towards our sustainability goals.

About Ecovadis

Ecovadis is a global leader in monitoring sustainability for businesses, with a database of 100,000+ companies from 175+ countries. Their assessments consider 21 sustainability criteria grouped into 4 themes: Environment, Labor & human rights, Ethics, and Sustainable procurement. Their commitment to rigorous principles, including an evidence-based approach, assessments by CSR experts, and transparent rating criteria, makes them a trusted partner in our sustainability efforts.

Assessment Results for Dengfeng plant

Ecovadis Silver Medal Award

Our Dengfeng plant demonstrated commendable performance in the Ecovadis assessments, with an overall score of 67/100. This achievement led to the Silver Medal Award, valid until March 2024.

Among the 4 criteria, the plant has excelled in the areas of environment and sustainable procurement, highlighting our efforts to improve our environmental performance. While the scores in labor and human rights, as well as ethics, are comparatively lower, they still reflect solid progress.

Our collaboration with Ecovadis for sustainability ratings is a fundamental aspect of our vision to foster sustainable business practices within our industry. We recognize the importance of transparency in our sustainability approach, which explains why a third-party verification from Ecovadis is integral to our strategy. This initiative is also aligned with the third pillar of our sustainability roadmap – Nurturing ethical and trustful partnerships.

Next steps

Leveraging insights from this assessment, our team will review potential areas for improvement.

We remain committed to building a more sustainable future, and our partnership with Ecovadis will continue to play a pivotal role in driving our progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. Together, we are determined to create lasting positive impacts on our sustainability journey.

 To learn more about our sustainability journey, don't hesitate to contact us!