July 05, 2023

Drive sustainable change: Installation of EV charging stations in Wheatfield

In line with the global Saint-Gobain strategy towards a more sustainable company, the installation of two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations was carried out as part of a mobility project in Wheatfield. This initiative aligns with the local sustainability strategy at the plant, providing a convenient and cost-free opportunity for employees to charge their vehicles while at work.
The project, led by the Process Engineer Jeff Villont and Plant Manager Steve Haseley, signifies the commencement of a larger endeavor to address the increasing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Through the introduction of EV charging stations, the aim is to encourage employees to make more sustainable choices in their daily commutes. A significant advantage of these charging stations is the provision of free charging to employees during work hours. By removing the expenses associated with recharging their vehicles, a common concern among potential electric car owners—the accessibility and affordability of charging infrastructure—is alleviated. This benefit not only enhances convenience but also acts as a compelling incentive for individuals contemplating the transition to electric vehicles.
Electric vehicles
The project has received appreciation from employees, as it reduces their charging expenses. Currently, the charging stations are utilized by three vehicles, and overall satisfaction with the experience has been high.
“If the demand for charging infrastructure increases, we are prepared to expand our EV charging station network to accommodate the needs of our employees. Our current installation serves as a pilot program, allowing us to evaluate its usage and gather feedback. Based on the feedback, we will strategically add more charging stations to meet the growing demand and ensure that employees can conveniently charge their vehicles during working hours.” said Jeff Villont.
This initiative in Wheatfield signifies our progress towards forging more sustainable habits. Embark on even more impactful and transformative sustainable endeavors!
To know more about our initiatives, check our sustainability roadmap: